[Watch] Obama, Feinstein Had Intelligence – Refused to Make a Decision on ISIS


Rep Mike Rogers (R-MI) is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He’s voicing a different perspective on how the ISIS crisis developed than what is being admitted to by many who are involved in national security. He describes the faulty decision making process and who knew what when at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

He says that what got us to the point we are at now was indecision and a policy failure. It was not, he says emphatically, an intelligence failure. Our intelligence was very good and provided a wealth of related information.

He describes how he and others within the government hierarchy “watched them pool up” as well as debates among al-Nusra, ISIL, and al-Qaeda factions, they watched training camps being built, weapons acquired, financing obtained, and western passport holders show up to fight with them.

Rogers also points out that we knew their stated intentions, as their name indicates, to take over Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

Rogers describes how the policy failure of a lack of action combined with the other failure of not leaving any residual forces in Iraq to create a golden opportunity for this group to grow.

This comes in sharp contrast to claims from Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who faults the intelligence community and points fingers away from the administration and herself.


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