[Watch] Obama Delaying Amnesty Until After Mid-Terms, Creating Nuke Terror Threat With Open Border


Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) believes that Hussein Obama is going to delay enacting his illegal alien legal status giveaway in recognition of the fact that Americans are against it. Not because he cares what the citizens of this nation think or think of him, but because he doesn’t want his Democrat operatives to have to pay a political price for supporting his crimes.

That blowback would make his party’s retention of the Senate much less likely and make his dictatorial acts much harder to get away with. Members of his government might even face criminal prosecution, as they rightfully should, if the Senate were to come under Republican control.

Rep Franks believes, consistent with the manner of other illegal actions committed by Obama, a delay until after the November elections is in the works.

It is amazing that we have a leader who recognizes that he is acting against the wishes of the vast majority of American citizens, yet he is only concerned with his ability to act with dictatorial impunity against our interests. He’s working to destroy our nation and he doesn’t care that we know it, just that we can’t stop him.

Rep Franks says that the Obama message of non-enforcement and non-deportation has increased the flow of illegals into Arizona “at least ten fold.”

He points out that he also serves on the Armed Services Committee and the great danger that he sees, as do most thinking American citizens, is that of terrorists being among those taking advantage of our wide-open border and the ease of access to American targets.

Congressman Franks says that there are really only two components to any national security threat, intent and capacity. He says, “This ‘president’ has ignored the intent of enemies like ISIS to exploit the porous border and if they ever gain the capacity to hurt us, I just have to say to you, with Iran on the cusp of gaining a nuclear weapons capability, we could see a situation where terrorists could gain access to nuclear weapons.” He adds, “The shadow of nuclear terrorism could fall across this world and if that happens, this ‘president’ will be remembered in history as the one who stood by with a golf club in his hand and let it happen.

While acknowledging that it is a very big job, Franks believes that it is possible to secure the border and believes that there has not been an effort made to do so. He says, “When you have unaccompanied minors able to come across this border, do you doubt that committed terrorists are able to do the same?”

Franks says he just hopes “that we don’t have this horrifying realization of what a mistake that we made by allowing this to continue the way it has.”


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