[Watch] Obama, Biden Talk to Mexican Officials – No Mention of Sgt Tahmooressi


Greta Van Susteren interviews Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) about our Marine, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, who is languishing in a Mexican prison while those with the power to release him choose to do nothing.

The issue was not even raised during a Friday phone conversation between Obama and Mexican President Nieto, nor was it a topic in a working lunch between Vice President Biden and the Interior Minister of Mexico.

Rep Ros-Lehtinen describes the behavior of the American “leaders” saying, “It is inexcusable, it is inexplicable, it is obscene, it is horrific.”

It is quite obvious at this point that not only does Hussein Obama not care what happens to Sgt Tahmooressi; he is deliberately keeping him in prison to send a message to veterans and gun owners. A message is being sent, and the conduit is Sgt Tahmooressi.

We need to send a message of our own, that this is unacceptable. That is the message that Rep Ros-Lehtinen is sending.

The first video is her interview with Greta, the second is a stinging follow-up which further exposes where Obama’s loyalties, if he is capable of such an emotion, do not lie.


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