[Watch] Obama Admits No Strategy for ISIS, Won’t “Put The Cart Before The Horse”


What has been clearly evident for at least the last eight months was finally confirmed by Hussein Obama in questions following his Thursday briefing. On the heels of his three week vacation, Obama found enough time to squeeze in assurances that he is working hard to develop a strategy on ISIS.

Included in that session was an admission that we don’t yet have a strategy on what to do about ISIS, but we can take comfort in the fact that he’s meeting with a lot of people to develop one. Meetings to prepare a strategy take time, and he guarantees that as much time as is available after leisure and fundraising activities is being use to protect Americans.

He says he doesn’t want to “put the cart before the horse,” but as slow as he’s going, that horse will be cut up for steaks and the cart used for firewood to cook it long before he ever gets around to deciding what he’s going to do.

His strategy seems to be to allow ISIS the maximum amount of time to grow and strengthen as possible, and to minimize our efforts to take appropriate action. It’s almost as if he has a separate and distinctly different agenda of his own.

The brief statement on how he is developing his “strategy,” along with a sales pitch of how “great” our economy is doing and him Obama patting himself on the back for “decisively” ordering limited air strikes is below, if your stomach can stand to listen to the guy.


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