[Watch] Northcom 4 Star General Cites Lure Of Amnesty As Key Factor in Creating Border Mess


Four Star General Charles Jacoby Jr is the Commander of NORAD and NORTHCOM and as such is quite well informed as to the situation on our southern border with Mexico. He also is restricted in what he can say to a degree, but he offers as much insight as he feels comfortable and seems pretty upfront about it.

He says, choosing his words carefully, that the current mission of his command as it relates to the illegal unaccompanied children is to get them off of the border and to alleviate as much of the burden upon HHS as they can. He doesn’t state whether that responsibility is only to unaccompanied children or if it extends to children with a relative only.

He says their mission at the military posts selected as detention centers is to take care of kids. He says that under the HHS lead, the military has a moral obligation to provide for the children and he’s very proud of it. It probably wasn’t the best venue to address the illegality of the White House occupier selectively enforcing immigration law and the utter disregard for the Constitution. We can be sure the General is aware of it.

He says that’s not the problem and that’s not the story, the story is in three parts, but that’s not quite right. Before he dismisses it too out of hand, the most important component to the story is the violation of our sovereignty. He can choose to conveniently ignore that, but his job is to protect our nation and our borders. One has to think he’s a little less comfortable with “open-borders Obama” than he’s letting on.

He talks of a push from Central America as being one of the three factors, saying something has happened that has changed the calculus and made those people decide to put their kids into the “care” of the cartels.

He says that secondly, “there is a pull, which is the narrative of any confusion there is about you know, what’s your opportunity in America, what are the policies and things, if there’s confusion, that’s pulling them.” He’s on the record stating that Obama is creating the magnet, good for him.

Thirdly, he blames the distribution network, the traffickers who facilitate what the politicians and illegals have created.

As to whether the Mexican military could be doing more to interrupt the flow of people, he says the laws are very similar in all three countries and that the Mexican military is very reluctant to get involved in domestic operations. That doesn’t seem quite right, but he’s the expert. It sure seems like we have a lot of incursions by the Mexican military into our territory for them to be non-operational. Perhaps they are running cover for the cartels and it is counterproductive and dangerous for them to interfere with cartel business.

The General has to work with his counterparts in the Mexican government as well as his peers in the Military and the Civilian leadership so he has probably taken that into account in his response.  The fact that he recognized the responsibility of the Obama regime as being a key motivator behind the crisis, just as many civilians on the right side of this issue have, is something that should garner a little more public attention. Maybe a Congressman or Senator might want to invite him to a town hall or two during the upcoming recess.

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