[Watch] North and Bolton – Christians Under Attack, America at a Crossroads in History


Addressing the issue of the “War on Christianity” that seems to be underway; Greta Van Susteren first gets a report from Greg Palkot. She then turns to Oliver North and John Bolton for a discussion and their views.

Palkot reports from Irbil on his meetings with one Christian leader, Bashar Al Warda, the Archbishop of Irbil. He runs 25 refugee centers in Irbil alone and has a very pessimistic view of the future of Christianity in their nation.

Greta reports that the UN has taken up the matter, unanimously passing a resolution providing sanctions against those who finance or give military support to ISIS.  She says, “So that’s the UN, but what should the Obama administration be doing to help Christians around the world?”

Col North points out in respect to the action by the United Nations, that ISIS doesn’t need the money from other nations; they are generating about a million dollars a day in revenue from their confiscated holdings. He says the only way to deal with ISIS is not through dropping humanitarian aid, we need to start dropping bombs.

He says, “We need to strike their command and control nodes, their logistics support centers, the places where they gather. And we know where they are, I mean, one of the good things we’ve got in our intelligence services is the ability to detect that.” He adds, “It can’t just be in Iraq, it has to also be in Syria.”

Ambassador Bolton thinks that Obama needs “to confront the reality that we see ISIS perpetrating in Syria and Iraq and these other extremists around the world.” He continues, “I think the president suffers from a fundamental defect shared by many in American academia and on the political side that he doesn’t see that these religious fanaticisms can arise from something other than poverty.”

He asserts that it is not an economically-based problem, that it is an ideological problem. Bolton says in regards to ISIS we need a presidential decision that the United States has to lead a coalition to destroy ISIS. He says, “We cannot let it hold territory because it is only a short matter of time before ISIS attacks, not Christians and Yazidis in Iraq, but in the United States.

Greta asks if there is any indication that the war on Christians is declining. Bolton responds that the problem is growing and points out a UN Statement issued earlier in the day which states that 1,500 Christians and Yazidis have been sold into sexual slavery in Iraq.

Col North says there has not been anything like this threat in our lifetime. This is a global attack on religions that these terrorists don’t accept, with Bolton labeling them as equal opportunity killers.

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