[Watch] No Strategy, No Guts – Cowering Obama Responds to Sotloff Beheading With Appeasement


It is painfully clear, either Obama doesn’t understand the concept of a strategy or he is confirming what many Americans have long believed, he has a strategy but it involves something other than furthering the interests of the American people.

Appearing on stage next to a very uncomfortable-looking bow-tied Estonian President, Obama repeated the excuses for his lack of action, in spite of being asked directly if he would now go ahead and formulate a strategy.

Obama frames his comments, setting the time that ISIS went into Mosul as their inception, ignoring the period of over a year in which he sat and did nothing as they incubated and grew. By Obama’s criteria, they suddenly appeared as an army of terrorists, fully trained, with the spoils of money and equipment already in their possession.

He says he has been clear that ISIS was a threat and that he’s been putting forth a strategy since then. Once again, the community organizer confuses talking about something with doing something about it. He repeats the same arguments we’ve been hearing him make all year.

He says his “strategy” was designed to do a number of things; number one being to make sure that Americans were protected in Iraq in our embassies and consulates, the equivalent of a security force is not a strategy for dealing with this threat.

Working with Iraqis is also not an appropriate immediate response.

He tells us it’s going to be a long process, buying himself indefinite amounts of diddling time. If we accept his argument, we’re looking at a long period of more excuses and false proclamation in route to our submission to terrorists and many more decapitated people.

He says “Our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy ISIS so it is no longer a threat, not just to Iraq, but also to the region and to the United States.”

In a follow up he’s asked, “Did you just say that your objective is to destroy ISIS, or to simply contain them or push them back?

Obama immediately modified his statement that his objective is to make sure they are not an ongoing threat to the region. Threat is a word which gives him plenty of wiggle room.

According to the Jon Karl video below, Obama backtracked even more after that, claiming instead a desire to “shrink ISIS into a manageable problem.

Nope, no strategy here.

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