[Watch] No Safer Place For a Criminal Than Inside the Obama Regime


Breitbart.com editor-at-large Ben Shapiro doesn’t think the action of the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, in suing B. Hussein Obama, are going to have much of an impact. He describes it as “mainly a cover,” but he doesn’t say of what or for whom.

He says the Supreme Court will likely yield to the “political question doctrine” and choose to sit on the sidelines.

In his book, “The People Vs Barack Obama,” he makes the recommendation that the Congress provide a means for the people to sue the executive branch, including the multitude of agencies which are overstepping and expanding their authority on a daily basis.

He says the RICO statutes are one avenue of pursuit for the American people to sue and claim liability compensation for damaging acts perpetrated by the government against them.

Lou Dobbs asks Shapiro, legally, “how would a court be able to compel this “president” to actually do his job, with honor and with duty?”

Shapiro replies simply, “Nobody is going to be able to compel ‘president Obama’ to do his job with honor and with duty, he’s incapable of that.” But he does see “private lawsuits directed at members of the administration and those people being punished for the actions that they take.”


Shapiro says the big question is “do we want the ‘president’ to be dragged into court on a fairly regular basis, do we want his officers to be dragged into court on a fairly regular basis, now that we are living in what amounts to an elected dictatorship, I think the answer probably is yes.”

He also comments on the central role bribery and corruption play in the administration.

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