[Watch] Niger Innis – Eric Holder is “One of Those Cowards” When It Comes To Race



Sean Hannity is leading a discussion regarding the violence in Ferguson and the exploitation which surrounded it as well as the players who were involved in orchestrating some of the events for personal reasons.

Alveda King, a niece of Martin Luther King Jr, is in the audience and agrees that the rush to judgment and the vilification of Officer Darren Wilson was inappropriate. She stresses the need to know the facts ahead of time and the difference between vengeance and justice.

Hannity points out the involvement of the Black Panthers and their leading of a chant for the death of Officer Wilson on the streets of Ferguson.

Niger Innis enters the conversation, and agrees that the facts need to first be gathered, you need to investigate rather than behaving in the manner that Governor Nixon did by calling for a vigorous prosecution before the facts were known, feeding into and fueling the unrest in doing so. Innis properly labels the governor’s comments as “stupid.”

Asked by Hannity is Eric Holder is the right guy to lead an investigation, in view of his comments that we are “a nation of cowards on race,” Innis responds that Holder is “one of those cowards, obviously, because he came in and weighed in and not operating like the attorney general for all the people of the United States, but weighing in personally on his own personal experience.”

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