[Watch] New Video, Witness Statements Show Brown Turned Back and Charged At Police


The “big name” race-baiters, dividers and instigators, many with national political connections and positions, have been everywhere running their mouths about the Ferguson incident. They’ve been doing their best to jump to as many favorable conclusions as quickly as possible, irrespective of good judgment, objectivity or responsible behavior.

They may now be about to find out there is a down side to blatant racism in the name of self-promotion.

A recent video of the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting has surfaced and in it a conversation can be heard in the background between a witness and another person, explaining that Brown actually was the aggressor in the incident.

The same officer who was attacked by Brown in his police vehicle was apparently about to once again be on the receiving end of an assault. Not only was Officer Darrell Wilson pursuing and attempting to apprehend a dangerous suspect, he was very likely acting in self-defense as well.

A word of warning, in the video his body is clearly visible in the street, and his mother can be heard screaming in the background.


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