[Watch] Neil Cavuto Rants – America Has Gone From a Beacon to a Blue Light Special for Illegals


Neil Cavuto ask where is the lobby for American citizens and remarks how it seems that lately you have to be from outside of this country to get any support from this country. He says, “Illegals get the attention, Americans just seem to get the bill.”

He continues, “Illegals can protest outside the White House for rights they don’t even have while authorities who can see them in broad daylight ignore them as if they don’t have a clue, on our dime, on all of our dimes. Because we don’t only have to put up with this, we have to pay for this. So we do, just like we have.”

Cavuto highlights how we are, “enrolling kids for classes beyond crowded here, paid for by communities already taxed to the max here, make do, make room, make haste.” He says, “Now I’ve heard of having a heart, but does anybody really have a clue? Forget about whether the illegals are cutting in on the immigrants’ line, why do we get the feeling they are now cutting in on legal Americans’ line, on our line?

Cavuto says the illegals are here and he predicts they aren’t going anywhere. Not because it’s hard to do but because it’s something many in Washington don’t want to do. “They would rather slap a sheriff rounding up illegals with a lawsuit than punish the folks he’s rounding up for breaking the law.” He notes how if you speak up in favor of order, you are immediately and vehemently labeled a bigot.

He says we’ve gone from the U.S. being a beacon to being a blue light special, a limited time only, get in while the gettings good sales event.

Cavuto says the illegals are cutting in line and all he sees us doing is cutting them checks.

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