(WATCH) Muslim Assault on Indian Actress

India has been in the news quite often in the past couple of years for the horrifying assaults on women common there. Now, it’s a well-known Indian model/actress that has been assaulted.

Gauhar Khan was filming “India’s Raw Star” Sunday night when Mohammed Akil Malik, one of the 2,500 people in audience, began screaming obscene comments at her. According to the MidDay newspaper,

“people hoping for awareness of women’s rights would probably be sent into the depths of despair by the comments of the man who attacked Khan.”

The assault was not only verbal, however. When Khan began defending herself, Malik slapped her across the face. An officer told DNA India:

“Malik told the actress that he was against her short clothes before slapping her. He touched her inappropriately as well. Following this, guards deployed at the show intervened and stopped him. He was immediately handed over to the police. We took him into custody and have sent him for medical examination. He will be arrested soon.”

The man reportedly told Mumbai police that,

“being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress.”

Khan returned to the set visibly shaken but finished the show. Malik is being charged with molestation.