[Watch] MSNBC’s Morning Joe Call Harry Reid Out On “Money In Politics” Hypocrisy


What the heck has gotten into Joe Scarborough.  That’s twice this week he’s gone off on the Democrats for not telling the complete truth and misrepresenting facts before giving the straight skinny to the audience.  And this time he calls out Harry Reid, chief sorcerer of the Senate, for calling the Koch Brothers “un-American” for donating cash to the political causes of their choice when so many liberal billionaires are doing the same thing.

No one wants billionaires to by and pay for the United States in any fashion in politics.  In that, conservatives are the same as liberals.  At the same time, it is not just hypocritical, but rude to call out members of the opposition as being guilty of affecting elections when your own political action committee is the biggest spender in the current election cycle.  Scarborough is very correct in pointing that out.

For more details on who else is spending millions on this year’s campaign, visit “Think You Know Which American Billionaire Is The Top Donor For The 2014 Midterms.”  Hint: it’s not the Koch Brothers.

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