[Watch] More Obama Stonewalling – Majority of All Inspectors General Sign Complaint of Regime Obstruction


The “Least Transparent Administration in History” continues to tighten its grip on that title as a group of 47 Inspectors General, almost two-thirds of all government IGs, sent a letter of complaint to House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa. He calls their complaints “extremely troubling.”

Inspectors Generals are non-partisan watchdogs of the public trust and public purse, guarding against waste, fraud and mismanagement.

The letter cites the Justice Department, Peace Corp and Chemical Safety Board as being uncooperative with their investigative work by withholding information on a claim of privilege.

Congressman Issa indicated that some of the more egregious acts of obstruction are probably not in the public domain as most IG activities remain private until their report is published.

The report says that the Inspectors General wrote in their letter that the “privilege interpretation of the law represents “potentially serious challenges to the authority of every Inspector General and our ability to work thoroughly, independently, and in a timely manner.”

Additionally they supported their right to the information they sought by quoting a 1978 act which ensures that the Inspectors General have “Complete, unfiltered and timely access to all materials… without unreasonable administrative burdens.”

Chairman Issa says that we can expect hearings into these assertions after Congress returns from their summer recess.

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