[Watch] Military Families Going Hungry as Foreign Invaders Get All Expenses Paid


Gerri Willis has as her guest Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff, who raises the issue of the difficult time military personnel are having in just meeting the basic needs of their families.

The statistics are dismal, with 25% of active military requiring assistance to make ends meet, to the extent that many food banks are actually opening up locations on military installations.

Asked why that is the case, Duff explains that the military has implemented a cap of a one percent increase on their salary, which was .8% less than the private sector. With prices for every necessity going up, pay for military service personnel, or their effective buying power, has gone down.

Duff quotes Defense Secretary Hagel who said that we have extremely generous benefits in the military and they are going to put a cap on them. She wonders why, if the benefits are so generous, that only one percent of Americans serve.

She encourages Hagel, who is so eager to make cuts on the backs of the military, to go to the Pentagon and audit their excess, free-spending, some of which cannot be tracked.

She describes the lack of incentives, the recent mass mailings of pink slips to active duty majors and pay cuts as a huge negative, with those pay caps scheduled through 2017. She says the average marine sergeant will be losing $5,000 annually under the new levels, including reduced commissary privileges, health care cost increases, as well as increased housing costs.

All of this comes at a time when the federal government is able to find the funds necessary to provide free housing, transportation, meals, medical coverage and attorneys for the orchestrated illegal invasion from Central America. They are providing long-term housing at a rate of approximately $1,000 per person per month, yet at the same time, the feds claim to be unable to provide even cost of living equivalent pay increases to those serving our nation.

People who have no right to be in our country are treated better than those who pledge their lives to defend it. Under the Obama regime, our nation has become an absurd bastion of the illogical and a home to the perverse and distorted.

Those who make decisions of this type demonstrate undeniably that they lack the requisite dedication and proper judgment and are unfit for the leadership positions they presently occupy.

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