[Watch] Mike Huckabee – Where’s The Arab States’ Commitment to Stopping ISIS Threat?


When are the Arab States going to step up and join in the effort to defeat ISIS? The threat is on their borders and they have a much more immediate stake in eliminating them. Yet they are hesitant to take a stand.

Mike Huckabee thinks that it is largely due to the fact that nothing America says at this point can be trusted. Just as Obama lies to the American people without hesitation, his words, and by extension those of all Americans are taken to be meaningless. A commitment of American support or American resolve is of no value. These nations a afraid that they will be left holding the bag when the American promise is discovered to have been empty.

He also points out that they have attempted to buy their way out of the problem, content to spill American blood on their battlefields, while making monetary contributions to the United Nations.

Huckabee says that if Obama wants to build a coalition, he going to need to get involved personally, which means getting off of the golf course and missing some fundraisers, look these leaders of these other nations in the eye, or even call them on the phone, and explain to them what we expect.

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