[Watch] Mike Huckabee Blasts Obama’s Recreation and Party Ethic, Work Ethic Substitute


Mike Huckabee compares his background and the jobs he’s held in his life, his work ethic to what is little more than a recreation or leisure ethic on the part of the occupant of the White House.

The former governor describes how he puts completing the job ahead of what the clock says, working where and how is needed to get the job done, and a lack of leisure or vacation time as the way things have been for him.

He credits his father with teaching him to give his best to whatever job he has. Show up early, stay late and never be asked but once to get something done. Those values seem obvious and natural to many of us. They are also increasingly foreign to a large percentage of Americans and other “guests,” invited or otherwise, in our nation.

Huckabee says he’s been watching our federal government and has come upon the realization that, “By gosh, I’m a sucker.” He continues, “I mean, I’m working long hours and long days to pay for the people in Washington to take a long vacation.”

He says he’s sometimes asked if he’ll make another run at the presidency and he’s concluded it might be a nice reprise from the kind of hours he’s putting in now.

He describes Obama as “simmering and summering over at Martha’s Vineyard, adding to his 186 rounds of golf since becoming ‘president.’ He remarks that if he became president, he might finally have time to take up golf or get back into some fishing, play more music, even host lavish parties at the White House with Hollywood celebrities that last late into the night.”

He asks what about the job, when so many Americans don’t have a job, when Christians and others are being slaughtered by ISIS, when our dysfunctional and corrupt government is targeting and spying on citizens.

Huckabee closes saying, “I don’t begrudge a president for taking some time off, but to take repeated exotic vacations at taxpayer expense while millions of Americans don’t have enough money for a minor league baseball ticket and a hotdog because we’ve got a lousy economy, it just seems unseemly.”

He adds, “I mean, if ‘president’ Obama doesn’t want to do the job, why’d he work so hard to get it? He got what he wanted; he just doesn’t seem to want what he got. And neither do the American people.”

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