[Watch] Megyn Kelly – Trey Gowdy Destroys Law Prof Over Need For Special Prosecutor in IRS Scandal


Hillary Clinton should be very concerned. Her obstructionist skills, finely honed over her career in state and national politics are still no match for the clear, targeted and relentless questioning of Trey Gowdy. If and when she has the displeasure of being summoned to discuss the events around the attack on Benghazi, she will quickly find herself outmatched, outwitted and out of her league.

Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers review the interrogation of a Baltimore University Law Professor who was testifying in House hearings involving the IRS targeting of conservatives. To say the professor was shredded by  the Congressman would be an understatement.

Lois Lerner’s referral to conservative talk radio personalities and by inference conservatives in general as a**holes is a point of concern as it relates to her objectivity. Also of concern is the lack of movement on the prosecutorial front which is the basis for much of the discussion of seating a special prosecutor.

They also discuss some arrogant and unnecessary comments made by IRS commissioner Koskinen which spoke derisively of the House hearings and labeled them as political theater for the purpose of embarrassing the Obama regime. Again, not exactly what you would expect from an impartial government servant and clearly, that is not what he is.

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