[Watch] Megyn Kelly Slams the Least Transparent, Most Disappointing Administration in History


Megyn Kelly contrasts his recent trip to Colorado when nobody wanted to be seen with Obama to the adoration he received in 2008, showing a clip of just how much people bought into his hope and change proclamations.

Then reality set in and he proved to be 180 degrees from what he promised. Kirsten Powers remarks that she voted for Obama because he was promising to be the first post-partisan president. She now recognizes him to be one of the most divisive and partisan presidents we have ever had.

Megyn Kelly plays a selection of the “misrepresentations on top of misrepresentations” from Obama and major political players in his administration.


Marc Thiessen makes the comment that not only are the American people frustrated, but they are resentful of the fact that they are being knowingly lied to. He says, “President Obama’s signature initiative was sold on the basis of a lie.” He “lied about the nature of a terrorist attack, these are big, big things.”

Thiessen offers a note of optimism on the political scene as to the advances made in the governorships of many states across the nation. He says while Obama has been doing his damage in DC, there has been a Republican takeover of state government. Not a single Republican has lost since 2007 and half of the country lives in states where Republicans control both of the state houses.

He says that’s a reason for hope even if Washington is mired in dysfunction.

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