[Watch] Megyn Kelly, Rep Henry Cuellar, Obama Needs to Get On Air Force One, Avoid Katrina


The Obama White House is being dragged kicking and screaming all the way to a meeting with Governor Rick Perry and perhaps, eventually, to the Mexican border itself.

While Obama may think that the voter recruitment drive that others are labeling as a crisis is going along quite well, those who see a line between our country and others, a border, have a different opinion.

A Democrat, who has been outspoken as to the problems at the border and the failures of the Obama regime, Henry Cuellar has some advice for Obama.

Get on his big shiny airplane and fly down to the border. It won’t cost him a dime.

The problem with that is that Obama might then paint himself into a corner where he actually had to do something to reduce the flow of people just when he’s gearing up the system to bring them in.

Who needs amnesty when you’ve got an even better refugee program? The American people took the head fake. Obama and Reid had us looking at their so-called comprehensive immigration bill the whole time they were setting up the structure for this.

He might make that trip, but it will only be as a means to further facilitate the importation process. The socialists are two steps ahead of the American people, and the Republicans. Whatever he does, it will only be something that advances America’s fundamental transformation.

Whether he comes to the border or not, his plan is not to solve this problem. He doesn’t see a problem.

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