[Watch] Megyn Kelly, Mark Furman – Two Sides of Story of Confrontation Between Officer Wilson and Brown


Megyn Kelly has an update of the Ferguson events from Trace Gallagher, a version which is provided by an anonymous person near to the Ferguson Police Dept. The depiction of events closely mirrors those provided earlier by a friend of Wilson’s, Josie, on a radio interview. Gallagher also says that his source revealed that the Police have proof that Brown actually touched Officer Wilson’s firearm.

Mark Furman gives his take on the events, including a possible explanation for a cut which the autopsy revealed to his right hand, one that would have been sustained as a result of having his hand on Officer Wilson’s weapon as it fired.

After his appearance, Kelly brings on another guest, Andell Brown, a Civil Rights attorney, to represent the Brown perspective. He doesn’t present himself very well, making some assumptions and untrue generalizations which Kelly must point out during their conversation.

Aside from the content of his flawed message, his method and willingness to be selective as to the evidence that is relevant to determining what happened and who is at fault is also quite revealing. That same type of “logic” if applied to the protesters in the street, could explain much of why this has gotten to the point it has, particularly with the politicians and media fanning the flames as they are.

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