[Watch] Megyn Kelly – Darrell Issa, Timing of Holder Resignation Indicates a Political Event


Megyn Kelly questions House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa on his views of the circumstances and repercussions of the resignation of Eric Holder as Attorney General.

She starts off with what many people feel was the case which led to Holder’s decision, his “Fast and Furious” illegal Mexican gun-running scheme, which resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and uncounted innocent Mexican citizens.

She asks if that investigation, buoyed by a recent court order for the DOJ to produce a justification of why evidence which Holder has long-obstructed and prevented the House from seeing should not be made available to them. This in all likelihood means that a large portion of that evidence will finally come out. That does not bode well for the continuation of the cover-up holder has been engaged in.

Kelly puts forward the possibility that Holder is resigning, not for political reasons, but just because he’s had enough, evoking amusement from Issa, who responds, “No, he does everything for political reasons. He’s often described himself as an activist; he admits that he wears two hats, one of them political.”

He adds that announcing that he’ll be stepping down before the election is a political event, that there is no chance he would be replaced before the election is done. He says that in and of itself speaks to the political nature of the office under Eric Holder.

While Obama had praise for the job Holder has done, Issa directs those accomplishments more to the capable staff of the various agencies within the DOJ. He instead points to the abuses that Holder has carried out on innocent law abiding citizens, the selective enforcement of laws to benefit or harm individuals as he sees fit.

Issa reminds us that only a week ago, his own Inspector General testified before Congress as to the obstructionism that he faced in attempting to do his job, at the hands of Eric Holder. In the interest of a return to justice at the Department of Justice, the departure of Holder is a very good thing, that can’t happen soon enough.

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