[Watch] Mark Levin – Obama Admin is Most Anti-Israel Ever, Sarah Palin is Right About Impeachment


Asked for his comments regarding the situation in Israel and the Obama position, Mark Levin says that the current administration has been hostile to Israel since day one and points to John Kerry’s apartheid remarks and Obama’s “cold press releases” in response to the murder of the three teenagers as evidence.

He’s appalled that Obama is playing pool in Denver and asks why no joint resolution has been forthcoming from Congress expressing support for Israel. He says our country would never tolerate missiles being fired into it, that the United States should be speaking in “full-throated defense and support” of Israel.

Levin comments regarding the use of the word “occupation” as it relates to Israel and other comments by Philip Gordon, special assistant to the president, a coordinator for the Middle East. Levin responds that Gordon is an Islamist sympathizer who should be fired immediately, but won’t.

As to the border debacle, Levin has a three part program that will end the crisis in short order. It consists of deporting those here illegally, securing the border against future trespass, and cutting funds from governments who continue to send or allow their citizens to attempt to violate American sovereignty.

Levin credits the chaos and anarchy that exist as the reasons Obama won’t travel to the Mexican border and points out that Obama met with his cabal of left-wing front groups in late June, who told him they need to somehow force the issue, to do something to open the border.

He says that the Republican Party should stand with the vast majority of the American people who are watching this with their jaws on the floor. He can’t believe someone isn’t standing up to this.

As to Sarah Palin’s call for Obama’s impeachment, and John Boehner’s refusal to act, Levin says that Boehner says no to impeachment, no to the power of the purse and no to shutting down the government. He remarks that Boehner attacks conservatives and the Tea Party, and then he brings this lawsuit, which could easily blow up in his face and green light more Obama lawlessness.

He says John Boehner has been a disastrous Speaker of the House and that Sarah Palin stands with the framers in calling for impeachment.

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