[Watch] Mark Levin Mocks Obama Criticizing Companies Leaving U.S. – “All of a Sudden Borders Matter”


“If you want to be patriotic you’ve got to pay more taxes” is how Neil Cavuto summarizes Obama’s Los Angeles speech, that Obama is ripping companies who set up shop overseas to avoid the heavy U.S. tax burden. Cavuto asks Mark Levin for his thoughts and he is more than willing to oblige.

Levin opens his comments by saying, “Wow, all of a sudden national sovereignty and borders matter, how about that, I didn’t know it mattered.”

Levin recalls that during the Reagan administration the trends and movement were the opposite. Businesses were relocating into the United States. They identify Obama and the oppressive tax burden as well as the regulatory nightmare that is the U.S. as the problems.

Levin says the facts about Obama are “He’s an economic illiterate, he doesn’t like capitalism, he’s a card-carrying ideologue for socialism.” He continues saying, “Look, he’s unleashed the EPA, the FDA, the FTC, the NLRB, the Department of Labor, the anti-trust division on America.”

Mark  Levin also points to the influence of the green socialists of the faux environmental movement as controlling American policy to stifle domestic investment as well as sudden, surprise regulatory obligations into the billions of dollars, many of which are held back until after elections.

Obama is the reasons companies leave and that wealth is escaping the country, in Levin’s opinion.

They also get into the favored companies of the Obama regime, which get a pass and preferential treatment in exchange for support and employment opportunities after politics.

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