[Watch] Malik Shabazz Wants His Version of Justice, Claims Provocateurs Infiltrated “Movement”


Malik Zulu Shabazz is interviewed by Jake Tapper from the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Does Shabazz live in Ferguson? Of course not, he’s there like all of the other out of town charlatans, to promote himself, his race and his racist cause.

The protest or “movement” as he calls it, is very thinly-rooted, so time is critical. Once the truth comes out as to why Brown was shot, and what events took place, the media will be headed home and the opportunity gone forever.

Shabazz is a race promoting professional, as the current president of a group called Black Lawyers for Justice, which he co-founded. He also is a former National Chairman of the racist intimidation group, the New Black Panther Party.

None of that was brought up in the interview. Tapper gave him his audience and let him ramble on, which did result in an interesting assertion by Shabazz. He claims that there are agents provocateur within the ranks of the protesters who are deliberately trying to incite a violent confrontation between the demonstrators and the police. Shabazz says he and his fellow protesters are not going to let outside infiltrators come in and destroy “our good movement.”

Current members of the New Black Panthers party were organizing the protesters in street chants for the death of Darren Wilson. Maybe it was because they are his former associates that the reasonable sounding Shabazz is less than anxious to name names.

Shabazz was unable or unwilling to be any more specific than that when asked by Tapper. He dramatically expresses how he “risked his life” to be out there on that line and other over-the-top nonsense that deserve no credit whatsoever.

He knows the police are aware that a huge spotlight is shining on their every move, to the point of allowing looters to loot one evening in the interest of non-confrontation. Barring another life-threatening act by one of the protesters, they will be very measured in any response. It’s more evidence that Shabazz is there to promote his agenda and he, in fact, seems to be one of those engaged in co-opting “the movement.”

Shabazz claims all he wants is an end to police brutality and the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson, who was probably defending his life against a gangster thug. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, just arrest him, do it for Mike Brown. Heck, do it for Trayvon too.

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