[Watch] Lt Col Ralph Peters – ISIS is Addicted To Human Blood, A Death Cult That Threatens The World


Tucker Carlson asks Lt Col Ralph Peters if the limited targeted airstrikes by Obama on ISIS is enough of a response to which Peters replies, “No, certainly not.”

He immediately follows that up with a statement that he’s “glad he’s doing something, however belatedly, however small.”

He says the air strikes help locally but accomplish nothing in stemming the strategic tide, the strategic offensive that Islamic State has launched.

Peters characterizes Obama as “always wants to get off on the cheap, he wants to do the minimum.” He says that in this case, by doing the minimum, he’s given up the element of surprise, now ISIS is alerted, now they know to disperse vehicles or take cover.

He says it’s good Obama did something, “it’s not remotely enough to stop the threat, not only to Iraq and Syria but to the United States and the world. This is a new kind of threat.”

Peters says this has gone beyond Islam and describing Islamic State as an apocalyptic death cult that has burst out of Islam.

Peters talks of how the “liberal intelligencia” of which B. Hussein Obama is the leader, refuse to understand how vicious and cruel much of the world is.  He said he’s tried to drive home to these people the idea that the most addictive substance on Earth is human blood. He says, “Islamic State is addicted to human blood, to these mass sacrifices.” He adds, “Even the Nazis didn’t film public beheadings and broadcast them.”

He says, “This is stunning, it’s something new, and we are doing virtually nothing to stop it. And it is a threat to America; it is a threat to the world.” He adds, “It’s beyond Islam, it’s beyond any religion, it is a blood cult, a death cult.

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