[Watch] Louie Gohmert – We Have Barney Fife Running Our Feckless Foreign Policy


Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) gives his views on the drifting, erratic and aimless foreign policy that was further highlighted by the recent Obama admission that we have no foreign policy in regards to the ISIS threat, Iraq and Syria.

He says that exactly one year ago today, Obama was pressing Congress to bomb in Syria on behalf of what is now ISIS and credits some staunch Republicans and a few Democrats with preventing that from happening.

He quotes Obama as saying we need to nip ISIS in the bud, adding, “It’s not in a bud it’s in full blossom,” and then reminds us that that line was made famous by the character Barney Fife, saying, “We have Barney Fife running our foreign policy now.”

Gohmert agrees that the press conference was lame, not only from the ISIS perspective but his comments on the economy and Ukraine. Rep Gohmert points out that under Obama, for the first time in history, 95% of the income went to the top 1%. That has never happened before in history.

Rep Gohmert then raises Obama’s assertion that Russia is more isolated than ever, saying, “Are you kidding? They have been filling the void that this ‘president’ has created around the world. I don’t know where he’s getting his information.”

Asked by Eric Bolling why we have to convince our commander-in-chief to act, Gohmert says that it supposedly took several months to convince him to allow a raid on Osama bin Laden and thirty days to attempt a Foley rescue.

He points to the Obama tactic of fighting Russia on Twitter as more evidence of the Barney Fife nature of our foreign policy.


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