[Watch] Lois Lerner’s “Lost Emails” – How Convenient, Too Convenient


The Fox All Stars Panel open the segment with Congressman Jason Chaffetz voicing his opinion that the emails they seek from Lois Lerner’s office haven’t fallen off the end of the earth. “They’re out there,” he says, “They just don’t want us to have them.”

The supposed hard drive crash which lost the two year’s worth of emails is reported by the regime as occurring in 2011.

The panel, like most people capable of rational thought, isn’t buying the story.

Charles Krauthammer starts things off by stating that people he’s talked to, who have a computer expertise, tell him that any data lost in such a manner would be absolutely recoverable. He also reminds us that the second article of impeachment against Richard Nixon was one which accused him of abuse of the IRS to pursue political enemies.

Krauthammer says plainly, “this is a high crime.”

Ron Fourier of the National Journal describes the statement/denial by White House spokesman Josh Earnest as being insulting to his intelligence and really making him angry. He says for until proven otherwise, we have to presume a cover-up.

George Will shares that sentiment and says he has one question for the IRS. “How many computers crashed back then? Was it just one, just Lois Lerner’s?”

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