[Watch] Lois Lerner’s Attorney – She’s Innocent, One Day Her Screen Just Went Blue


In his first television interview, Lois Lerner’s attorney describes the events surrounding her missing emails as “she walked into her office and her screen went blue.” He says she asked for help and the IT people responded but couldn’t fix the problem, and that they went so far as to send it to an expert for help which also proved fruitless.

The attorney, William Taylor, says she was not only upset by the loss of the emails, but that there were other documents which were important to her that ended up being lost as well.

He goes on to describe his view that it is convenient to create suspicion, in spite of the unbelievable nature of the circumstances. He says two thousand IRS hard drives have crashed since January of this year, so the idea that this is something out of the ordinary is not correct.

He also claims that the emails in question predate anything that is of any relevance to anybody.


He goes on to say his client is being demonized in election year politics. He also claims that there was no pretense that this would be a fair process and that was the reason for her taking the Fifth Amendment.

He also said that she doesn’t need to be subjected to the kind of bullying that goes on in that committee.

He closes by trying to frame his client as a victim, an innocent employee who was just trying to do her job.

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