[Watch] Lindsey Graham on Obama’s Weak, Innefective and Meaningless Response to ISIS Threat


Chris Wallace asks Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about the effectiveness of Obama’s “strategy” in Iraq which he limits our response in Iraq to one particular artillery piece in Irbil or an individual vehicle.

Graham said it’s a political response, that Obama doesn’t want a “bad news story” on his watch. He reveals that every member of Congress has been warned that there is an existential threat posed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

In order to change that threat, the United States needs to go on offense; we are the only ones with that capability. At a minimum, says Graham, American air power is needed to support opposition forces and friendly governments.

In regards to Obama’s pronouncements that the United States will not become re-engaged in Iraq, that there is no American military solution to the crisis in Iraq, Graham said this is a direct threat to the American homeland.

He says the oath of office and the responsibility as commander-in-chief, a title Obama seems to savor, “trumps any political promise.” He says if Obama does not go on the offensive against these terrorists, they are coming to America. It’s not just about Baghdad or Syria.

“If we get attacked, because he has no strategy to protect us,” says Graham, “Then he will have committed a blunder for the ages.”

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