[Watch] Lindsey Graham Never Lets an Opportunity to Warmonger Go To Waste


Senator Lindsey Graham says that John Kerry provided the “most delusional and ridiculous summary of American foreign policy he can imagine.” Graham says it scares him that Kerry believes the world is in such good shape.

Graham says that “America is the glue that holds the free world together, leading from behind is not working, the world is adrift and ‘president’ Obama has become the king of indecision.”

David Gregory asks Graham what Kerry should have done in his opinion that he didn’t do. Graham responds that “He didn’t call Putin the thug that he is, he didn’t call for arming the Ukraine so they can defend themselves against rebel separatists supported by Russia, all of the enemies of our nation are being well supplied.”

While it is perhaps a strategic benefit to Europe to support the Ukrainian government, the haphazard, shoot from the hip foreign policy that is no policy at all is a very dangerous path to travel and one that has repeatedly turned out badly for the United States.

Graham is once again sounding the intervention drumbeat that has so far blown-up into ISIS, and other Middle East fiascos. Mass destabilization of foreign governments based upon ideological differences is not always the best utilization of influence and power. That is true of the Russians and it is also true of the Americans.

From an al-Qaeda perspective, Graham may be right; the world is a much brighter place for their future thanks to our arms initiatives.

Lost in all of the verbal attacks is the fact that the United States played a key role in the coup which resulted in the fractured Ukraine that is now engaged in civil war.


The tragic downing of a passenger plane full of innocent civilians can in no way be reconciled or diminished. However, Graham is choosing to overlook the responsibility we have, as a result of diplomatic manipulation and insurgency sponsorship in the present conflict. He demonizes Putin while ignoring the role we play.

While Obama and Kerry are inept, anti-American global government proponents, so are Graham and McCain. They are arguing the force and method through which we find ourselves once again in global conflict.

The establishment politicians of both parties have succeeded in destabilizing the Middle East and are applying similar tactics to Ukraine. A debate over how we find ourselves mired in a third World War and who gets to lead us into it is seriously missing the big picture.

What we have in place of leadership are purchased representatives of corporate interests demanding or taking actions which benefit their sponsors. The arms merchants and energy companies may be having their interests represented. Those of the American people, the Ukrainians and Russians are not.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us