[Watch] Legal and Political Consequences of Lerner’s Disappearing Phantom Emails


The Obama regime’s story that somehow the most critical piece of evidence in the IRS targeting of private citizens on the basis of their political beliefs has somehow been a victim of an unrecoverable hard drive crash is not going down very easily for Megyn Kelly and her guests. Judge Andrew Napolitano and Fox Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt join Kelly to discuss a multitude of aspects to this story.

It’s clear that this explanation will have to be investigated, which will involve time and it is looking increasingly like a stall tactic of some sort is underway, with the question then having to be, a stall until when or what.

What sanctuary is the White House expecting, what cover will be provided and through what means once the stalls have run their course and been exhausted?

The participants ask other, more short term and immediately relevant questions in a lively discussion, but in all things the regime is doing, it almost seems as if they aren’t concerned with  the short term consequences and expect long term consequences to be a non-issue. It’s almost as if no matter what happens, they’ve already been assured of a pardon.

Of course, that is the definition of being above the law, an assertion frequently heard leveled at the regime. Time will tell. Saddam reportedly thought he had a deal with Bush.

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