[Watch] Laura Ingraham Says It – Iraq Was Better Off With Saddam Than Now With Obama


The good news is that al-Qaeda is disintegrating. The bad news is they are being absorbed by ISIS. Laura Ingraham discusses revelations made over the last couple of days that al-Qaeda has in essence become the Islamic State.

She says, “Iraq is worse off. I hate to say it but, Iraq is worse than before we went into Iraq. Christians are gone, there’ no sense of order at all. Saddam Hussein is gone, that’s a good thing, but what’s left? A more emboldened Islamic State.”

She adds, “Not contained, apparently, even by U.S. airstrikes,” although those were not of the nature of the strikes initially launched against Baghdad at the start of the Iraq War. That kind of air strike would overwhelm and decimate ISIS.

Decimating these butchers, a reasonable response, seems to be too bold of an action for Hussein Obama. We’ll blast another truck and see if that works.

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