[Watch] KY Sen Candidate Grimes Sounds Remarkably Like Confused Miss South Carolina


Kentucky Democrat senatorial candidate Allison Grimes may want to take a break from the campaign trail. She’s having little trouble getting her message out, as this clip shows.

She is attempting to highlight the differences between herself and Republican Mitch McConnell, which she is able to do but they may not be the differences she originally intended to expose.

Grimes says, “These and many more things are what we can accomplish, if we had a senator that didn’t just want to do piece bill by piecemeal comprehensive immigration reform, thirty years, that’s how long Mitch McConnell has been there and he wants six more just to do it year by year what many are already doing right now in the United States Senate.”

Her rambling sounds a lot like the hopelessly lost Miss Teen South Carolina trying to explain why Americans can’t locate their own country on a Map.

Maybe candidate Grimes would like to take a shot at answering that one instead.

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