[Watch] Krauthammer – World Reacting in “Orwellian” Anti-Semitic Manner to Gaza


Charles Krauthammer and Greta Van Susteren discuss the measures taken by the United States and in particular Secretary of State John Kerry in respect to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Krauthammer points out that two weeks ago, rather than accepting an Egyptian solution which had nearly unanimous regional support, John Kerry went off to form a different, Hamas-friendly policy of his own. Assisting him in preparing that document were Hamas lawyers and the representatives of their allies, Qatar and Turkey. That is the same Qatari government that assured Nancy Pelosi that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.

The widespread support of the Egyptian plan, which included every member of the Arab league except for Syria, should have gotten more traction, but it was not terrorist-friendly enough for Obama and his pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-jihad administration.

The supporters are called an amazing new kind of coalition by Krauthammer and Van Susteren, citing those in agreement as including 22 members of the Arab league. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf states, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority all were in support but Kerry and company sought a different solution.

Those in support of the Egyptian plan recognize that Hamas is a terrorist organization and want to see it diminished and overthrown.

Krauthammer says eventually, in his opinion it was largely due to the negative response from Arab states, Kerry got on board with a plan much like the original Egyptian plan. He doesn’t fault anyone other than Hamas for the failure of the ceasefire.

Krauthammer says the situation we have today will “absolutely escalate.” He describes the reaction of the rest of the world to what is happening in Gaza as an Orwellian resurgence in anti-Semitism not seen since the thirties.

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