[Watch] Krauthammer – There’s a Perception That The World is Going To Hell as Obama Plays Golf


Public opinion polls indicate that the American people are getting fed up with the recreation and fundraising focused behavior of the occupier of the White House.

As a nation, we face some very serious issues, some of them clearly deliberately created by the regime in power to achieve a political goal, regardless of the negative impact upon the country.

Charles Krauthammer is asked to weigh in. He says “There is a general perception that the world is going to Hell and the ‘president’ is out there playing golf. There is a disconnect here.

That doesn’t mean people want to go to war in Ukraine.” He notes that Obama has done nothing on this crisis, and cites people who say “well what do you want to do, go to war, send troops into Ukraine?”

Krauthammer says that between doing nothing and going to war there is a huge territory. Within that territory lies sending weaponry and jamming equipment which could prevent shooting down of planes, second deploying American troops to east European nations and thirdly to galvanize the Europeans.

He describes world opinion on its own as being useless. Freezing assets or visas, preventing people from vacationing in Disneyworld is not enough to bring down the Russian economy or to influence their foreign policy.


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