[Watch] Krauthammer Shocked by Obama – It’s Elementary Diplomacy and Strategy 101


The admission by Obama that he has no strategy for dealing with ISIS is addressed by Charles Krauthammer as well as the apparent lack of purpose for the briefing in general adds to the perception that Obama is meandering aimlessly in the realm of foreign policy.

Tucker Carlson comments on how our national zeal to depose leaderships that we didn’t approve of has led us to situations which were worse in Iraq, Libya and Egypt. While the situation now in Egypt is far better than it was under the Obama-supported Muslim Brotherhood government, the lesson is clear, that we risk promoting chaos and cannot automatically assume that change will bring an improvement over the regimes we overthrow.

Charles Krauthammer joins in by stating that he thought Obama could no longer surprise him. He says, he was wrong, that Obama shocked him today by getting in front of the world in the face of recent events and saying “I don’t have a strategy.” Krauthammer makes the point saying, “If that is true, don’t say anything. He continues, characterizing Obama’s remarks regarding Ukraine as even worse. He says that in Ukraine Obama basically said, “I do have a strategy, the strategy is to do absolutely nothing.”

He questions why Obama needs to wait until after he has a chat with our allies next week, saying, “I thought he had a phone. How about picking up the phone and talking with the allies, you know, the phone is a way to communicate rather rapidly.”

He says Obama is also failing to recognize and properly label what is a military invasion by Russia into Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson brings the conversation back to the underlying problem of a lack of experience, making an example of Samantha Power and her “desire to stop cruelty wherever it happens.” He states his position that we have children running the foreign policy of the United States, an situation Krauthammer expanded on in comments urging the regime to progress to a level of diplomacy and strategy 101.

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