[Watch] Krauthammer – Open Borders Obama Calculating, Cynical, Political Posturing


Charles Krauthammer points out that the law which is being used to shield the illegals invading America was passed with the best of intentions as a response to sex trafficking.

It is being deliberately abused, he says, and was never intended to apply in the numbers we are seeing.

He takes on those who would argue it would be “so inhumane” to return them to the border that that is exactly what we do with Mexicans or Canadians today. Why isn’t there a protest over that?

Krauthammer says the Obama is clearly making the statement that he is opening the doors of America to this influx. He says “it will double, it will triple.”

He points out the Obama statement last week that he wanted to change to law to mirror that of Mexicans was obviously not serious. He says Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s doing it to garner favor with political groups and it is very, very cynical.


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