[Watch] Krauthammer on Obama’s Extraordinary Apathy, Recreation His Prime Focus


Charles Krauthammer describes Obama’s lack of engagement as “extraordinary lethargy, distance, disinterest, un-interest, where he said, ‘you know well if Russia invades we’re going to look at the policy again’ and on sanctions he said, ‘well I’m not sure if it’s working.’”

He seemed to have zero interest in the issue and was willing to let events dictate. This is really unbelievable, this is Russia. The one country that can deter Russia is ultimately the United States. And we’re just saying we’re going to watch. If that isn’t a signal to Putin that he doesn’t have to factor the United States in his calculations I don’t know what is.

Krauthammer continues, He was equally sort of lethargic and disinterested and detached in talking about Hamas. He has no sympathy for Hamas? His own State Department says it’s a terrorist organization, he said the placement of weapons among the citizens is irresponsible? It’s a bloody war crime. And there’s no passion, there’s no interest, there’s nothing behind it.”

Krauthammer adds, “You have to wonder why did he hold the press conference? All he did was show bad guys around the world that he’s going on vacation, he’s grabbing the golf clubs and he’ll be gone for a month, and we’ll see you when you come back and if Russia’s taken over Ukraine he’ll deal with it when that happens.”

With the way these events are playing out and the absentee “president” approach to world affairs, it makes one wonder if perhaps doing nothing was the flexibility that Obama was discussing with Russian President Medvedev in Seoul in March of 2012.  Failing to act and ineptitude have their political risks and now, with those “safely” behind him, he can be more accommodating.

Makes you wonder what Obama got out of the deal.  The video of that exchange is below.

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