[Watch] Krauthammer on Lawsuit – Democrats Will Regret Obama Overreach, Breaking American Law


Discussing the Republican lawsuit against Obama’s executive overreach and violation of the separation of powers, Charles Krauthammer says it is a very serious issue. He thinks “Democrats will regret not having taken seriously the ‘president’s’ overreach on domestic issues, which I think are unprecedented. There’s always been arguments about the ‘president’s’ powers on foreign affairs, no president, for example, has accepted the restrictions of the War Powers Act, Democratic or Republican because it ambiguous.”

He continues, “But on domestic issues the Constitution is absolutely clear. The president’s job is not as the ‘president’ says to help people, in his interpretation of what he does, it’s to faithfully execute the laws that Congress has passed. That is as clear as day. That’s the definition of his job.”

Krauthammer goes on to say, “There is a very strong argument that he has overreached that by actually creating law, ignoring law, not enforcing law, changing laws on his own, which you are simply not supposed to do and there are many examples of it.”

He says his only problem with the lawsuit is that they chose one specific issue because they wanted to narrow down the lawsuit to one law and not fifteen, “Which I think is a problematic one having to do with the employer mandate.”

He says, “The one thing to be said about it is they are trying to find a way less than impeachment, some step that is not about impeachment, which is a constitutional crisis, as a way to rein in a runaway president.”

As for selecting one lawsuit, Krauthammer doesn’t mention the possibility of borrowing a page from the socialist Democrats’ playbook and throwing fifteen different lawsuits at the problem. That tactics works to overwhelm states who conduct their affairs in a manner that the regime finds unacceptable. Maybe it would work in supporting our Constitutional government as well.

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