[Watch] Krauthammer – Obama’s Willfull Blindness, Deceptively Redefining Terror Threat


Charles Krauthammer says the issue isn’t that Obama was unaware or taken by surprise. He believes Obama is guilty of willful blindness to the nature of the threat. He says that, “For the five and a half years that he’s been in office he has tried to minimize the whole idea of the war on terror. He abolished it, he gave a speech six months ago saying the war on terror must end, it’s damaging our country.”

Krauthammer points out, “As if he can unilaterally declare an end to a war where the other guy hasn’t declared an end on his side. He has said that the tide of war is receding but he did that by defining the threat and the enemy as al-Qaeda central, as if the enemy is a club that lives in Pakistan or parts of Afghanistan and that’s it.”

He continues, “So whenever you had an explosion of Islamic radicalism in Mali or Libya or elsewhere, it was considered something else, as he said, the JV team.”

Krauthammer says, “This is a willfull attempt to actually will away the war that we were looking at. Well now, with ISIS, the pretense of the will to pretend otherwise can no longer exist. He knows the threat is there and what’s happening is he isn’t onboard. This is his advisors and the military trying to prepare him for a decision he has not yet made but he’s going to have to make.

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