[Watch] Krauthammer – Obama Military Spending Shifted To Entitlements, Welfare, Social Programs


Arguing that the U.S. Military is shifting towards a more agile, more responsive type of force, the Obama regime is simultaneously decreasing troop levels. That doesn’t mean that we are spending less money as a nation, we are still addicted to borrowing against our children’s future. We are simply moving that money away from defense and into giveaways.

Charles Krauthammer disagrees with regime assertions that this is a wise and proper course of action. He says, “This is clearly a giant shift of a social democrat, Barack Obama, as Europe did after the Second World War, of money from the military, which we are already at the bare bones, into entitlements and social welfare.”

“It’s not a balancing of the forces, it’s robbing the military to inflate the entitlement state, and we are going to pay a high price.”

He points out, “Europe had us behind them in the last fifty years when it had no military, there’s nobody who’ll back us up if we strip our military and dilute it as we’re doing now.

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