[Watch] Krauthammer, Obama Disinterested, Half Asleep During Malaysian Airliner Speech


Charles Krauthammer speaks to the “unbelievable, passive nature” of Obama’s speech on the downed Malaysian airliner, remarking that he look disinterested, detached, practically half asleep.” He adds, “There was no passion, there was no interest in this.”

Krauthammer, in searching for an explanation says that perhaps Obama feels that he doesn’t have to do anything. He may feel that the PR will take care of itself and of the Russians. That type of response would be totally out of character for Obama. Capitalizing on PR opportunities is what he does best, he’s always anxious to enhance and promote his brand.

Krauthammer says that it is pointless for Obama to wait for the Europeans to act, as they invariably wait for the U.S. What should be going on behind the scenes, according to Krauthammer is exactly the correct move, organize an independent investigative force to determine exactly what happened, in conjunction with our intelligence capabilities and get to the bottom of it.

It must be multinational in order to have the type of credibility that is needed. Since the crash site is in Ukraine, that should be something that is fairly easy to accomplish. Whether or not it will happen is the question.

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