[Watch] Krauthammer – If the Constitution Got in the Way of Holder’s Agenda, He Trampled On It


Charles Krauthammer has nothing positive to say about Eric Holder’s performance during his tenure as United States Attorney General.

Krauthammer offers his view, saying “He has politicized the office of in a way that I think many of us, liberal and conservative will in the future regret. I mean there are two ways to treat the office, as an instrument of policy, a way to achieve your own ends and goals, or as the person who upholds the laws as impartially as he can.”

He says, “It is perfectly honorable to dedicate your life to racial justice as you see it, to advance certain causes, as he calls the civil rights division the conscience of the Department of Justice. But there are other places in life, in administrations, in the world where you can do that.”

Krauthammer declares, “When you are the Attorney General of the United States you have to subordinate that to what the law is. And he hasn’t done that. He’s been after an agenda and if the Constitution was in the way, he trampled on the Constitution. I think in the many examples we talked about the fact that he was held in contempt over withholding evidence in “Fast and Furious,” over the way they rifled through the James Rosen emails under a supposed prosecution which Holder had said that they would never do. And what has happened to the great Justice Department investigation of Lois Lerner and the scandal in the IRS?

He concludes saying, “We have heard nothing out of that. That is stonewalling and he has been the instrument of that. A political Attorney General and that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.”

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