[Watch] Krauthammer – Foley Beheading Is Not a Criminal DOJ Issue, It’s An Act of War


Asked by Megyn Kelly about the Obama regime’s decision to pursue the beheading of James Foley as a criminal matter, Charles Krauthammer sheds some light and some sense upon the matter. He’s assisted in that endeavor by the unlikely statements of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Kelly plays a statement from Matthews from one of his appearances on that other network which is normally blindly supportive of all things Obama. This time was different, Matthews said “I don’t know why I used the word justice, it’s not appropriate here. This is an attack on our country, we have to react to it. This is our country versus this group that’s declared war on us.”

Matthews continues, “What’s justice in this country? I don’t know why the word’s used like we’re going to the world court with this? No American president can survive if he lets Iran get nuclear weapons and no American president can survive if he lets Americans be beheaded on international television with impunity, Impunity! He has to strike back. As an American it’s in our soul.”

Kelly asks Krauthammer if he agrees with Chris Matthews. Krauthammer responds, “Well I don’t think that I’ve ever said this before but I do.” He says, “It is ridiculous to go back to the pre-9/11 paradigm of treating acts of terror as criminal acts. They are not; they are acts of war against the United States.”

Krauthammer points out the ridiculous nature of a criminal justice response comparing it to FDR announcing we were going to seek out the individual pilots who took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He reminds the viewers that we have, in ISIS, an enemy that is armed, has a ton of money, has a ton of recruits, controls enormous amount of territory and has declared open war on the United States of which the beheading of that journalist, of that American, was simply one instance. And unless the “president” understands that we have no strategy and we have no way.” He points out that the idea is not to bring anybody to justice rather to defeat the army, the people who are running the operation.

Kelly plays a video of Eric Holder indicating that both the DOJ and the DoD are on the case, to which Krauthammer replies, “I hope it’s the Defense Department that is going to take care of this. It’s the only answer that makes any sense. It’s the only answer that ISIS respects.”


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