[Watch] Krauthammer – Even Democrats Are Getting Up in Arms With Obama


Laura Ingraham plays a clip of Dianne Feinstein from Sunday in which she describes Hussein Obama as “very cautious.” That’s like saying the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean is very wet.

Charles Krauthammer brings his perspective of the beheading of Steven Sotloff and the reaction from the administration.

He calls the response of Obama a non-response, and points out that the video was called a “message to America,” a direct challenge to Obama. He notes that immediately following his statement on the beheading of James Foley, Obama went off on a round of golf and wonders if his landing in Estonia will follow a similar statement and more golf.

Krauthammer says that Obama’s actions and inactions are based upon his view of America’s rightful role in the world and his pledge to withdraw the U.S. from the world as the anti-Bush. This is because, according to Dr. Krauthammer, Obama feels America doesn’t have the moral right to intervene in the world and that he’s not a believer in American exceptionalism.

Krauthammer points out how in Obama’s “confessional tour” of the world he talked about all of America’s sins.

He’s says the second thing at play is that Obama views himself historically as a man that ends wars. He says that while Obama says he ended the war in Iraq, David Petraeus is the one who did that, Obama is the one that threw it all away.

Thirdly Krauthammer says that domestic policy, which is really what he cares about, and he sees public opinion against overseas intervention, albeit an opinion reflected in a vacuum of leadership.

He says simply, “the passivity continues.” He says far from simply willfully misleading the American people, Obama is willfully misleading himself, creating a false reality around himself, he is surrounded by sycophants, none of whom will tell him he’s wrong or that a threat that he ignored for over a year is deserving of attention.

He says part of the reason for the change in public opinion within the U.S. is a sense of shame for allowing what is happening to continue and recognition that we should be doing something.

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