[Watch] Kelly, Hume – Obama’s Vision of the World Was a Mirage, He Doesn’t Know What To Do Next


In the wake of the beheading of Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist to be beheaded by the pigs of ISIS in as many weeks, Obama is “on the world stage,” as Ed Henry puts it, and immediately on defense.

Obama’s stop in Estonia will likely be filled with questions he has not yet answered, many of which will undoubtedly relate to his failure to arrive at a strategy for dealing with the ISIS threat or the conditions in Iraq, Syria and possibly now Libya as well.

Megyn Kelly quotes Obama’s recent proclamation that he “was elected to end wars, not to start them,” asking how big of a role that is playing in his administration’s lack of strategy.

Brit Hume responds saying of Obama, “This is a man, Megyn, whose vision of the world he had when he took office has turned out to be a mirage and his own sense of the world and how it would react to him has also turned out to be a mirage.”

Hume describes how Obama thought that his youthful fresh presence on the world stage would cause our adversaries to view us and our new smaller international footprint in a whole new way. He says that “they have, they’ve decided the United States is weak and it’s time for them to go on the march.”

She plays a clip of Obama in 2007 describing how the world view of America will change upon the day his is inaugurated, precisely speaking to Hume’s point.

Obama describes naively in the clip how Obama was “confident” that the fact that he was listening to Muslims and other varieties of opponents would make us safer.

Brit Hume says that Obama is “now confronted with a world as he thought he knew it is not the world it is and I don’t think he knows what to do. And I think he is a man who turns out for all of his apparent intelligence to be a slow learner on a number of things and to be extraordinarily not adaptable.”

Hume addresses that fact that there has been no statement from Obama on the murder of Steven Sotloff although the British Prime Minister was capable of finding the words. He says Obama is a man who seems incapable of figuring out what to do next.

The problem, according to Hume, is that when we leave the scene, the history proves that good things don’t happen.

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