[Watch] Judge Napolitano Takes Apart Obama White House For Spying On Americans Instead Of ISIS

Either they did or they didn’t.  Or they did and didn’t report it.  Or they did report it and Obama ignored it.  So many choices.

And the good judge tells us it’s thanks to Edward Snowden we know how many agents are spying on the American people, without any probable cause.  Is the Obama Regime THAT paranoid, I mean interested in what we are up to?

I can save the spooks some trouble.  Tonight is choir rehearsal followed by choir fellowship at the pub.  Tomorrow – the hairdresser with foil low-lights and about four inches cut off the curly locks so the curl won’t hang out and the French roll comb will actually hold it all up.  That will take about two hours.  Afterward, maybe hit the clearance racks and the resale shops as it’s time for the huntress to seek out bargains.  And later in the day blog, blog, blog and edit a manuscript at the coffee shop.  Haven’t decided on how much email to delete as the mineral makeup and other retail ads are drowning out the jokes from my mother.  My life is fascinating, isn’t it?

But still, Judge Napolitano makes the constitutional argument for not just spying on ISIS, but taking them out.  They are a danger to us and our interests.  Any Americans fighting over there not under the American flag, though, should be watched.  That’s actual probable cause and a reason to keep such people from returning.

That’s the difference between regular Americans and enemy combatants even if the Obama White House does not know the difference.

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