[Watch] Judge Napolitano – Obama Shouldn’t Be Acting Like He’s Afraid To Be President


Judge Napolitano details the authority Obama has under the War Powers Act to intervene militarily in Syria in order to cut the head off of the ISIS snake.

Under the War Powers Act, Obama has the authority to order a 90 day military action anywhere in the world, which can be renewed for an additional 90 days. Most analysts agree that would be more than a sufficient amount of time to remove the threat of ISIS from the planet.

Rather than risking the political blowback that could come with unfavorable situations, problems or outcomes that often go hand in hand with military actions, many presidents often opt to involve Congress anyway.

Judge Napolitano reminds us that it is the responsibility of Congress to declare war under the Constitution as well.

The timing is complicated by the fact that an election is upcoming in November.

Sitting and doing nothing is clearly not an appropriate or wise course of action. More people are going to be killed every day by this scourge until, like it or not, we remove them from the equation.

The longer we delay the more difficult and costly that inevitable action becomes.

Smith, failing to grasp the urgency of the situation, says that we need to plan our actions today, not for today or tomorrow, but for a generation or more. That’s the kind of paralysis that Obama is involved in, that equates with over planning and failing to act.

Judge Napolitano responds with a dart to the liberal Smith, “I think the president should lead, it shouldn’t be acting like he’s afraid to be president.”

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