[Watch] Judge Napolitano – Obama Amnesty Would Invite a Tidal Wave of Division and Dispute


The fact that Judge Andrew Napolitano or anyone would consider “bound by the Constitution” to be a very curious phrase for the “president” to use speaks volumes to the lawless chaos within the highest ranks of our federal government.

Napolitano describes “a long list of things” which are unconstitutional and lawless acts by this regime, describing it as unseen in the modern era.

The Judge says of the Obama comments, “This is a serious threat yet again, for him to do by executive fiat what the Congress refuses to do by legislation.” He adds that Obama “wants to circumvent the Constitution by rewriting the laws or reinterpreting them so as they are enforced the way he would have written them, not the way the Congress enacted them.”

Napolitano says that if Obama makes good on his threat to legalize millions of illegals in the country that he will be inviting a tidal wave of division and dispute in this country the likes of which we haven’t seen in a couple of generations.

Varney makes the statement that Obama will pay or a political price or could possibly benefit from this action, to which Judge Napolitano cites Democrats unwillingness to campaign with him as evidence that there will be negative results politically.

Monica Crowley is asked for her opinion as to the political impact of an executive amnesty which she says is Obama rolling the dice, because it suits his larger agenda of transforming America through an imported demographic of his choosing.

Napolitano reminds us that Obama cannot under the Constitution make the illegals citizens and he cannot make them lawful. He can only defer prosecution and deportation; both are acts which can be remedied at a later time by his successor.

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